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  • • Cloud allows you to get music, apps & books from one device to another - wireless and without syncing into your PC!
  • • iBookstore comes to on your Mac or PC for an unabridged browsing and shopping experience.
  • • Improve syncing of media files from your PC to your iPod/iPad/iPhone.
  • • Create your Music Playlist
  • • Sync your media files from your computer to your iPod
  • • Burn your playlist to CD/DVD
  • • Purchase or rent HD movies
  • • Rent TV Shows or listen to PodCast and lot more to discover!
  • OS: Win7, Vista, WinXP
  • Version: 10.7
  • Downloads: 8,312,005
  • Size: 93.02 mb
  • File Name: Setup.exe

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